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Thank you for visiting Wellspring Advertising and for becoming a valued client!

Please take a few moments to review our Billing Policies, Communications, and other Options that will better let us serve your needs.  If you have any questions, please do Contact Us and we'll try and get you an answer as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Billing Policies

Invoicing & Late Fees

Wellspring bills on a 15 and 30 Day remittance.  Additional time may be granted with prior agreement with Wellspring Advertising and the Client.

Late Policy
The Client will be charged a late fee for any balance that has not been paid past the invoice due date.  30-90 days, there will be a 10% of the balance incurred. 90+ days will result in a legal action to have the invoice and its compounded fees remitted.


What is Proportional Billing? In essence,  it's a version of the traditional Rush Charge that can be initiated if need be.  The Due Date of the Invoice reflects the requested turnaround time of a project.

Sample : If a Client needs a job completed in 3 days, the final bill must be paid within 3 days. It's an incentive for the Client when a quick turn on a project is needed.


We work with a lot of Non-Profit Organizations.  We usually provide a discount to help them keep their valuable monies for their clients.  We may ask (if a large discount is applied), that the Non-Profit Entity, to Share or Promote Wellspring Advertising on their Social Media Accounts.

Paperless Billing

All invoices will be sent via Email to the Client's preferred email address.

A hard copy of the Invoice can be mailed to a supplied, physical address upon request.

Retainer Agreements

Wellspring often works in a Retainer Agreement with clients.  What is a retainer agreement?  An agency retainer model refers to an agreement between a business and an agency to work together for a period of time (typically 18 months) on more than one project. You're paying a set monthly rate to reserve the agency's time.

By utilizing a Retainer Agreement, the Client can better budget for their Marketing Dollars.


Emailing, Phone Calls, and Mailed Correspondence

Wellspring prefers all communication to be done via Email.  Why? It better allows us to track a job's progress and to have the ability to reference key needs or requests from the client.


If you need to reach us via Voice, please call us at (256) 320-2311. 

Mailed Correspondence can be sent to:

Wellspring Advertising
PO Box 789
Sheffield, Alabama 35660

Dead Email Addresses / Bounced Emails

Wellspring will send all Communications to the email of our main point of contact within the Client's organization.  If an additional representative(s) are designated as the recipient of communications between Wellspring and the Client, that information MUST be provided upon commencement of a project.

If an email is returned to a Wellspring Advertising representative (bounced email), three attempts will be made via alternative methods.

Please make sure that any addresses are added to your White List in your email application.

Working with Creatives

These are some industry terms that you may hear that you may not be familiar with – especially if this is your first time working with an Advertising Agency.  Hopefully this information will help!

DPI / Resolution

For any image or graphic that will be printed via a digital or offset press, the DPI (Dots Per Inch) or Resolution MUST be a minimum of 300 DPI.
Meaning – a scan or cellphone picture of your company's logo will not suffice.

Copy / Verbiage

This is the content of a brochure, ad, video, or website.  You may hear a Wellspring Representative asking for or asking about the Copy for "x"

Serifed & Sans-Serif

Serif – Short, decorative cross lines or tails at the ends of main strokes in some typefaces, such as Roman lettering.

Sans-Serif – A typestyle of lettering with no serifs, or cross strokes at the end of main strokes.

White Space

Unoccupied parts of a print advertisement, including between blocks of type, illustrations, headlines, etc.


Allowing a picture or ad to extend beyond the normal margin of a printed page, to the edge of the page.  Often used with Color in Print.

Demographics / Demos

Basic objective descriptive classifications of consumers, such as their age, sex, income, education, size of household, ownership of home, etc. This does not include classification by subjective attitudes or opinions

of consumers.

Four Color Process / Process

A printing process that combines differing amounts of each of four colors (red, yellow, blue & black) to provide a full-color print.

Full-Service Agency

An agency that handles all aspects of the advertising process, including planning, design, production, and placement. Today, full-service generally suggests that the agency also handles other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, sales promotion, and direct marketing.

Target Audience

A specified audience or demographic group for which an advertising message is designed

Target Market

A group of individuals whom collectively, are intended recipients of an advertiser's message.

Tag Line

A slogan or phrase that visually conveys the most important product attribute or benefit that the advertiser wishes to convey. Generally, a theme to a campaign.

Pan, Push, Tilt, Dolly, Jib/Crane

Pan – Camera moves moves laterally, right to left / left to right
Push (in) – Camera moves in towards a central point – usually and actor

Tilt – Camera tilts up and down

Dolly – Camera moves along a point, usually on a track system

Jib / Crane – Camera is raised on a fulcrum; can move any direction

Outdoor / Outdoor Advertising

Any outdoor sign that publicly promotes a product or service, such as billboards, movie kiosks, etc.


How much time that a particular project or job is given to complete

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