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About Us

Keith Sims
CEO | Creative Director


Keith is the CEO & Creative Director of Wellspring Advertising.  He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Film at the University of North Alabama, a Former Producing Partner with the award-winning Half Minute Horror, and is the owner of Keith Sims Photography.  He served on the Board of Directors of the United Way of Northwest Alabama and served as President from 2016-2017.  He is civic-minded and supports multiple causes and organizations in the Quad Cities area.

He has called Sheffield home since moving to the area from Pensacola, Florida in 2004 after Hurricane Ivan damaged his advertising agency.  In his precious spare time, Keith enjoys working on his photography portfolio, art, traveling, flying (he’s a private pilot), cooking, filmmaking, entertaining, good wine, good food, family, and friends.  He also has never met a dog he didn’t like. 


One of the specialties of Wellspring Advertising is Branding & Identity. 

We can offer your company or organization something unique and memorable. There are several Branding Packages available to fit a variety of needs & budgets.


The Brand for Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery was done by Keith Sims in 2001 and is still in use to this day.

Re-Fresh | Re-Tool
Have an existing brand but needs a "facelift"? 
We can bring your brand up to spec and give it a new, polished look while still representing your company or organization.

Re-Fresh | Re-Tool
Have an existing brand but needs a "facelift"? 
We can bring your brand up to spec and give it a new, polished look while still representing your company or organization.

Brand Management
Wellspring can organize and prepare your existing brands for a multitude of uses.  Have your logo packaged and ready for use in print, web, or media usage.

Digital Conversions
Wellspring will take your existing brand and convert to vector art – the common standard

for brands.

Brand Usage Guidelines
This is often packaged with Brand Management.  Wellspring will create a document that illustrates "how" the brand should be displayed to keep its integrity. 
This is valuable for use in display advertising and where you allow an outside source to handle & prepare your design.

When you're ready to formalize and make your brand a registered and recorded mark, let Wellspring handle the process.

Here are samples of Brand designs for our clientele:
Layout & Design
Layout & Design

Offering a variety of services, let Wellspring create a unique and fresh design for you display advertising, collateral, social, or outdoor needs.  We now offer complete Collateral Packages for new businesses & organizations.  Let us make your new company or organization look good!


Traditionally, you should only use 3 fonts when creating a layout.

Collateral Design
When it's time to create your business cards
and the ancillary printed materials (letterhead, envelopes, etc.) let Wellspring design something memorable and aesthetically coherent to
your brand.

Display Advertising
Need an ad designed for newspaper, magazine, or publication?  We can certainly provide you with eye-catching and memorable creations.  Wellspring also can broker your media purchases too.

Outdoor & Digital
A billboard is still a viable and effective marketing tool.  With the advent of Digital Displays, your company or organization now has a variety of options to choose from.  Let Wellspring navigate and broker your next outdoor campaign.

Packaging Design
This is one genre of design that still elicits a profound excitement!  Wellspring has been privileged to design packaging for clientele

that has been featured (and sold) nationally in Lowes and other retail stores.  We can make sure your product is seen by your

target consumer.

Print Co-Ordination
If you have camera-ready piece that is ready to print, let us broker and coordinate your printing.  We will shop the best deal so that your advertising and marketing dollars won't go to waste.
We partner with several print houses and have a good report so you will always get the best quality at the best price.

Here are samples of Collateral designs for our clientele:
Digital Media
Digital Media

Wellspring offers a true multitude of Media Production services.  The owner, Keith Sims, comes from a film background, so the love of production is evident!  A list of services are detailed below, please do Contact Us with any production needs or questions and we will certainly provide your with a detailed quote and more information.

Wellspring has a core production team, but will augment for larger production needs


Commercial Production
Wellspring can provide you with a complete Concept-to-Completion service.  Let us also handle your Media Buy and coordinate with your cable provider to get the best placement for your ad.

Social Media
Have a product or feature you'd like to market to your social followers?  Wellspring can produce a high-quality and attention-grabbing video or Produce a Live Streaming Event for your message.

3D|360˚ 4K Video
We're very excited about this new service.  We can capture your concept, conference, or event in high-quality, 4K 3D & 360˚ video. 

Industrial Video
Wellspring's Keith Sims has been producing video shoots for large manufacturers for over 8 years now.  Let Wellspring produce content for your company for effective training, safety, or manufacturing processes.  Our production crews are knowledgeable and seasoned so your valuable dollars are well-spent.

Music Videos
When you're ready to release your next single or promote your new LP, let Wellspring handle your video production.  We have had a variety of experiences with many music genres.  We can provide you with concepts, story ideas, and Full-Crew Productions to make your music stand out from the crowd.

Full Crew Production
If you have a concept for a high-end / high-concept media production, we can facilitate what your needs will be.  Keith Sims, the CEO / Creative Director of Wellspring, comes from a film and video production background, so the task of assembling and producing high-end / high-concept production is second nature!

We can provide a feature-quality crew – camera operator(s), gaffer, grips, make-up artist(s), script supervisor, assistant directors, craft services & on-set catering, and more.Let us help make your concept a reality.  Contact Us today to learn more.

Jingle Writing | Music Scoring
Wellspring can provide you with an original and catchy Jingle for your company's commercial.

Wellspring can score your existing commercial or narrative piece with a memorable piece of music to subtlety sell your message.  Click Here to hear some of the music we've produced over the years.

Underwater Cinematography
Looking for something different?  We can offer underwater production.  This unique service is more affordable than you think!  Contact Us today.

Script Writing
Have an idea for a story – narrative or commercial?  Let us help author that into a fresh, original script to better tell your story. 

Casting & Consultation
Keith Sims has been casting and consulting in production for almost 30 years now.  Wellspring can assist you in finding that right actor to portray your new lead, company's or organization's spokesperson.  Let us organize and run your casting.