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Bobby Martin
Media Director


Bobby Martin is a man of many interests. He likes video games. He has an odd obsession with keeping his lawn low. He's a man of many loves - his family of his cat, hedgehog, wife, and baby son. But his passion for creating and capturing could easily fit easily in with his family of love. From chasing dragons in his yard as a young boy, to traveling the Smokies and capturing the mountain range, he's always been in a pursuit of imagination and creativity.

Bobby Martin has been producing for close to five years now, and he doesn't show signs of stopping.


Austin Parsons


Austin Parsons is a Producer at Wellspring. He graduated from the University of North Alabama with a bachelors degree in Communications, concentration in Film & Digital Media Production.

Since joining Wellspring, Austin has been involved in many projects including safety video shoots at Constellium, music videos for FAME Studios and The NuttHouse, and PSAs for The Healing Place,
among others.

Additionally, Austin owns and runs Ansbach Productions.

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