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Since Wellspring is a full-service agency, we are always looking for interns for a variety of disciplines and departments.  Whether it's for a graphic designer, a public relations major, or a film major,
we think you'll get a good taste of what your future career will hold with us.  If we can, we always try to hire & promote from within, so if you've done good work as an intern, you may be hired on in some capacity.


Film & Media Production Assistant / Intern

Film / Media PAs will have numerous job duties – such as escorting actors and actresses to and from their trailers, helping with crowd control and lockup, giving out schedules or scripts, collecting paperwork, delivering media to various team members and managing extras.  At times you may be called to handle DIT, slate, dolly, slider, or crane / jib gripping.  You may be a stand-in when needed.

A film major PA will get valuable "set time" with hands-on experience with a variety of production equipment.  Wellspring encourages any film major, to work in each department for as long as available, to better understand all facets of a production.

What we're looking for:  Film / Media PAs must possess qualities, such as dependability, punctuality and resourcefulness. They must also have a professional attitude and appearance. PAs also need to be able to lift and carry equipment to assist with loading and unloading, approximately 50 pounds. 

Please provide the following in your application email:

• Full Name
• Current School
(If Applicable)
• Major (If Applicable)
• Course Instructor (If Applicable)
• Address of Residency
• Contact Information

• Any Additional Information
• Resume (if available)


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