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• Commercial Production
• Industrial Video

• Social Media

• Music Videos

• 3D| 360˚ 4K Video
• Aerial Cinematography
• Underwater Cinematography

• 4K  & HDVideo Production
• Post Production Services
• Full-Crew Production
• Script Writing
• Casting & Consultation
• Jingle Writing
• Music Scoring

Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps keep your business organized, prepared for any marketing & advertising needs, and

Commercial Production
Wellspring can provide you with a complete Concept-to-Completion service.  Let us also handle your Media Buy and coordinate with your cable provider to get the best placement for your ad.

Social Media
Have a product or feature you'd like to market to your social followers?  Wellspring can produce a high-quality and attention-grabbing video or Produce a Live Streaming Event for your message.

NEW!  3D|360˚ 4K Video
We're very excited about this new service.  We can capture your concept, conference, or event in high-quality, 4K 3D & 360˚ video. 

Industrial Video
Wellspring's Keith Sims has been producing video shoots for large manufacturers for over 8 years now.  Let Wellspring produce content for your company for effective training, safety, or manufacturing processes.  Our production crews are knowledgeable and seasoned so your valuable dollars are well-spent.

Music Videos
When you're ready to release your next single or promote your new LP, let Wellspring handle your video production.  We have had a variety of experiences with many music genres.  We can provide you with concepts, story ideas, and Full-Crew Productions to make your music stand out from the crowd.

Underwater Cinematography
Looking for something different?  We can offer underwater production.  This unique service is more affordable than you think!  Contact Us today.

4K & HDR Production
Wellspring can provide you with the HIGHEST quality for any production.  We can produce and post 4K & HDR (High Dynamic Range) video – ensuring your product or message is seen in lifelike, vivid video.

Full Crew Production
If you have a concept for a high-end / high-concept media production, we can facilitate what your needs will be.  Keith Sims, the CEO / Creative Director of Wellspring, comes from a film and video production background, so the task of assembling and producing high-end / high-concept production is second nature!

We can provide a feature-quality crew – camera operator(s), gaffer, grips, make-up artist(s), script supervisor, assistant directors, craft services & on-set catering, and more.Let us help make your concept a reality.  Contact Us today to learn more.

Script Writing
Have an idea for a story – narrative or commercial?  Let us help author that into a fresh, original script to better tell your story. 

Casting & Consultation
Keith Sims has been casting and consulting in production for almost 30 years now.  Wellspring can assist you in finding that right actor to portray your new lead, company's or organization's spokesperson.  Let us organize and run your casting.

Jingle Writing | Music Scoring
Wellspring can provide you with an original and catchy Jingle for your company's commercial.

Wellspring can score your existing commercial or narrative piece with a memorable piece of music to subtlety sell your message.  Click Here to hear some of the music we've produced over the years.